@DiannaAgron: Midnight makeovers. @davestanwell makes it happen.

@DiannaAgron: Midnight makeovers. @davestanwell makes it happen.



She is 100% a troll. And she has been following me since the beginning of s5. She gets really angry and cusses at you when you say anything negative about Jax or Gemma lmfao. but it’s not just me, she trolls taragraceknowles too. We usually just ignore her. but if you look at her blog, you will see she even trolls race posts. It’s a sad life really. 

she’s not following me anymore! apparently i am not as compelling and interesting as you (thank god).


i watch the new trailers as the come out, and i can never make myself get excited or upset by them. i think it’s because with this whole show, there’s so much lying and so many schemes and so many things done to achieve a different purpose, editing it to be dramatic has to be easy.

when jax says he realizes taking the club in the direction away from outlawing, is that what jax really thinks or is that audio of him lying to someone else in some scheme he’s cooked up to do the opposite of what he’s saying? he’s punching someone? how many times has jax punched someone and then been chill (in jax terms) with them later? everything is shifting constantly. plus, we know kurt and paris love to talk things up and are great at sensationalism at the sake of their show for publicity.

i think that’s why i have a hard time inferring anything from promos because i never know if what’s happening is genuine or part of some bigger scheme and simply edited to look that way. 


do you mean to tell me that jax doesn’t go from stabbing someone in his kitchen to stabbing them in front of a beautiful mountain range while the stormclouds gather around him?

Gemma Arterton - Elle France - August 2014

Gemma Arterton - Elle France - August 2014

TARAFUCKINGKNOWLES said: I like the idea of it being Margaret (because she’s great imo) because mostly she always rooted for tara/wanted her to get out w/the boys. she cared about tara and would make sure the boys knew all about her etc as they grew…

uuuugh! that’s also something that i would really want for them to have - someone who wouldn’t let the memory of their mother die for them. which is a thing that worries me about wendy and lyla - they didn’t know tara that well or that deeply and wendy, i’m afraid, would be more of the type to want to have them think of her as mom and not really give tara’s memory as their mother the respect it deserves.

heisenbuddy ASKED: Heyy, just curious but what do you think is gonna happen to Juice in season 7??

I was thinking Juice might get killed bc poor bby is fragile but now I’m thinking he’s actually in a really good position and mindset to fuck things up for everyone if he wanted to. Theo has said that he’s dangerous now and he really is. He has this key piece of information, he’s got Gemma trying to keep him safe - for now because lbr, she’d throw him under the harley in a heartbeat to save herself - and he’s got nothing left to lose so he can afford to do so much more without thinking of the consequences.

i think if anyone kills juice, it might be juice himself but i think he’d make sure he took other people down first before doing so.



none of that was expected.

I have seen this at least five times and every time the ending takes me by surprise

lifefullofglitter ASKED: If Jax does die ... then who do you want to raise the boys?

Hmmm…this is a difficult question because the boys are surrounded by people who aren’t really fit to raise them. I’ve seen people say that Margaret or Lowen should raise them and while these are women who have their shit together, would do right by them and give them the sort of life Tara wanted for them, the boys don’t know these women and so I feel that would be weird. I think Margaret has children because she’s mentioned them. I have no idea how old they are but I think they must be kinda young because it seems they still live at home with her and her husband so maybe Margaret. I think the boys kinda know her even if they’re not super close to her.

I would like to say Lyla but I’m not sure. I don’t even know what’s going on with Lyla and her own son (And msaybe it’s been mentioned and I missed it but what happened to Opie’s kids? Are they with Opie’s mom?) because we haven’t seen him in 3 years and I don’t think Lyla is in a position where she could financially care for 3 kids or be there for them.

If Wendy were to get her shit together and start thinking for herself instead of allowing other people to manipulate her and actually get and stay 100% clean, I’d root for her to take care of them but she’s a weak coward so at this point, she’s not a good candidate.

So out of all of those people…Margaret is who I guess I would think would be the most viable candidate to take care of the boys if Jax died because she’s a mother, she’s strong, and she’s not involved in the club life.



also, it kinda looks like the guy jax is punching when he steps in past gemma is the dude from the other charter we first see in s1. i don’t remember his name but…you know the one. xD he’s been seen talking to jax in other trailers and the last trailer shows him getting in a fight with the club. it also kinda looks like he’s slapping gemma in some other scene but idk. that could be someone else.


they look similar but it’s definitely not Darby 

well no, not the guy slapping her! the guy behind her when jax comes in and immediately punches him looks like darby to me! but it could also be the man in the scene above. though it looks like the scenes take place in two different locations…i mean, that could make sense. maybe him getting his ass beat at gemma’s spurns him to come wherever and slap her? IDK. JUST DUMBLY SPECULATING OVER HERE.

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